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FSBO - 7 Steps to Working With Buyers

FSBO - 7 Steps to Working With Buyers
By: Bill Carey

Buyers are more knowledgeable and discriminating with the internet, buyer agency, and required disclosures FSBO home sellers have it all stacked against them. It’s more important than ever to get the information you need to be armed with the facts so you can avoid the mistakes that can cost you months and thousands of dollars.

1)Analyze Why You Are Selling – You need to know but the buyer doesn’t. Don’t let the buyers or buyer agents on to your reason for selling. Your best answer to the question why are you selling? Is, our needs or requirements have changed.

2)Set Your Price – Your reason for selling will determine how you price your home. The price you set will tell the buyers the maximum you think the property is worth. Your main concern should be how much you have in your pocket after closing and how long the property is on the market during the sale process.

3)Condition of The Home – Buyers and buyer agents will know when your home is in pristine tip top shape that you mean business when it comes to a higher asking price. Your home is being compared to others in regards to price and condition if either one is not equal to the other the buyers will know and move on.

4)Easy to Get Information – Yard sign with an 800# 24 hour recorded message. E-mail visual tours and photos to friends, neighbors, and co workers. MLS and Realtor.com use real estate agent websites. Newspaper advertising use short ads
3-5 lines with an 800#.

5)Understand Your Buyer – You don’t want to give out your information, but you always want to know what’s going on with the buyer. Ask questions determine their goals, objectives, and their financial ability. The more information you have the better bargaining position you are in when negotiating.

6)Home Inspections – They are a standard in today’s world of home buying and selling. Its best to be ready and way ahead of the game by getting your own inspection and having all repairs complete. This will help with your required disclosures and put everything on the table no questions asked.

7)Paperwork – It may be in your best interest to hire a Real Estate Attorney to review all your paper work. The legal requirements we have in the real estate business has come full circle in protecting buyers rights. Don’t save a few hundred dollars to lose thousands in court or lose the sale.

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